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Huuuge Games invests big in new social gaming platform developed by Turbo Labz

Huuuge Games has signed a multi-million publishing deal for the 2020 launch of Chess Stars, the first mobile title powered by Turbo Labz’s social gaming platform. This marks the first strategic investment of the gaming giant into Pakistan’s mobile gaming industry. Chess Star is expected to be one of the biggest board game releases of the year […]

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Our most recent social multiplayer game has shown industry topping retention and engagement KPIs.

Multiplayer gameplay is awesome

This game has an awesome user experience, especially in multiplayer mode. It’s short and it’s fun. Proud of my victories and embarrassed of the mistakes - celebrate or resolve to do good next time. Good work Turbo Labz.

Thank You!

The recent updates are sensational! As a sedentary person your app is a treasured part of my lifestyle! Simply put: it is Simply Better!

Amazing Game

Very easy to play game. You understand everything quickly. Themes are amazing as it makes the game interesting to play. Very intelligent moves by AI. Seemed like i was playing with a human. Good job!


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