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Game Modes include Quick Matches, Slow Chess, and play against the computer. You can personalize the game with our beautiful themes, sets & boards that include Dracula, Under the Sea, and Indiana.

Playing this classic board game is a great way to increase your IQ so you can become a real Multiplayer Chess Grandmaster just like Magnus Carlsen. Whether you call it Chess, Ajedrez, شطرنج, Шахматы, Xiangqi, Shatranj, or Shogi, Chess Stars is the place to learn Chess and play it!


– Multiplayer Chess: play with friends, family & players around the world

– Quick 1v1 speed and fast matches

– On board Game Analysis to learn more about your best moves, move strengths and blunders at the end of the game

– Play long Multiplayer Chess where players take turns in their own time

– Play against com (computer) with 10 difficulty levels

– Chat with emojis

– View in-game stats

– Make new friends

– Learn Chess by watching lessons’ videos

– Climb up the League leaderboards by participating in Weekly Championships